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About Kuza Dada

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Kuza Dada means to uplift girls, and that's what we do. We raise each other up through fun and learning  that empowers and enriches the lives of young women in east Africa.

Over the last ten years, a growing network of volunteer leaders and facilitators has held 20+ residential leadership camps focused on social-emotional learning, community building, and leadership skills across east Africa. These camps have reached over 1,500 adolescent-aged girls, but we aren't even close to done.

The response to these camps has been powerful and humbling. Students and facilitators alike have named these camps as a turning point in their lives. When young women have knowledge and skills, belief in themselves, and a sisterhood supporting them, they are UNSTOPPABLE. 

Through these girls leadership camps, a movement of students turned leaders has emerged. This passionate group of women has committed to continuing these camps in order to strengthen the knowledge, skills, and agency of young women in east Africa and around the world.

What students say about camp:

“I learned I should plan purposefully, to impact lives of many outside & to transform their lives positively.”

Our Mission

Our Vision


Kuza Dada Camps envision a world where girls and women have the skills and knowledge necessary to:


1. Exercise agency in their lives regarding their health, education and future goals

2. Lead in their communities and advocate for a brighter world.


Our Model


The Kuza Dada Camp model is a powerful, five-day, residential camp designed to serve 150-250 female identifying students aged 11-20.


During the camp, students participate in learner-centered, trauma-informed lessons focused on relationships, self-esteem, conflict resolution, sexual and reproductive health, goal setting and career planning.


Students engage in activities designed to promote connection and confidence such as sports, art, talent show, game night and family groups.


Camps are embedded in the community through local partnerships with NGO's, schools and churches to support with recruitment and follow up.

Our Curriculum


The Kuza Dada Camp Curriculum was developed by a multidisciplinary team of educators, public health experts, health care providers and counselors. The curriculum includes lessons on the following: 

  • Healthy relationships with friends, caregivers, and romantic partners

  • Sexual health, consent, HIV/AIDS, and STIs

  • Menstruation and pregnancy

  • Self-esteem, goal setting, peer pressure and conflict resolution


Join us today!

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