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Uplift Girls in Kenya

Help us raise $30,000 this year to partner with three communities in Kenya to host girls leadership camps!


Kuza Dada
Girls Leadership Camps
In East Africa

Girls Leadership Camps in east Africa (3).png
Girls Leadership Camps in east Africa (3).png

Our Vision

Kuza Dada Camps envision a world where girls and women have the skills and knowledge necessary to:

1. Exercise agency in their lives regarding their health, education and future goals

2. Lead in their communities and advocate for a brighter world.

About Us

Kuza Dada Camp is a fun, educational, empowering experience for young women in east Africa.

Girls ages 11-18 learn about sexual reproductive health, healthy relationships, communication skills and self-love in a vibrant, high energy context away from responsibilities and pressures of home.

Students learn to use their voice and understand their power to make a difference in the world. 


Girls who attend Kuza Dada Camp grow in: 


At a recent camp, average scores on pre-post tests increased from 49.4% to 64.7%. Campers gained knowledge about sexual reproductive health, relationships, and decision making.

40% of girls who attend Kuza Camp report an increase in self confidence.



At Kuza Camp, Deaf and hearing campers learn together. Not only do Deaf students increase knowledge by over 40%, but the campers share how impactful being together is.

"I have learned that many deaf people are discriminated against by others and they usually have a hard and difficult time to communicate. I would like to learn sign language and empower young girls."


Upcoming Events

  • Apr 16, 2024, 12:00 PM – Apr 20, 2024, 12:00 PM
    Kiambu, Kenya
    The next Kuza Dada Camp will be in April in Kiambu. This camp is for adolescent girls ages 13-18. Email if you would like to register or help sponsor this camp!

What girls say about camp: 

“My self-esteem was heightened. I discovered that I am able. I got a mentor. There are many role models. It’s exciting!”

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