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Kuza Dada
Girls Leadership Camps
In East Africa

Logo Branch
Logo Branch

Our Vision

Kuza Dada Camps envision a world where girls and women have the skills and knowledge necessary to:

1. Exercise agency in their lives regarding their health, education and future goals

2. Lead in their communities and advocate for a brighter world.

About Us

Kuza Dada Camp is a fun, educational, empowering experience for young women in east Africa.

Girls ages 11-18 learn about sexual reproductive health, healthy relationships, communication skills and self-love in a vibrant, high energy context away from responsibilities and pressures of home.

Students learn to use their voice and understand their power to make a difference in the world. 


Girls who attend Kuza Dada Camp grow in: 


At a recent camp, average scores on pre-post tests increased from 49.4% to 64.7%. Campers gained knowledge about sexual reproductive health, relationships, and decision making.

40% of girls who attend Kuza Camp report an increase in self confidence.



At Kuza Camp, Deaf and hearing campers learn together. Not only do Deaf students increase knowledge by over 40%, but the campers share how impactful being together is.

"I have learned that many deaf people are discriminated against by others and they usually have a hard and difficult time to communicate. I would like to learn sign language and empower young girls."


What girls say about camp: 

“My self-esteem was heightened. I discovered that I am able. I got a mentor. There are many role models. It’s exciting!”

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